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About the Artist -Biography

The artwork of Jen Rogan is the expression of a curious mind, an open heart and a creative soul. Her drawings occupy the shifting terrain between representation and abstraction and they range greatly in subject matter and medium.A common theme throughout her work is the duality between figure and ground. This is shown through tactility of surface, richness of colour and play of painterly illusion. She manipulates the way objects exist within pictorial space. She creates works which suggest depth of field while at the same time reinforce their shallow surface. Her drawings simultaneously deny the illusions they create.


In 2003 Jen became involved with a group of three other like minded women who together started a revolution in the form of the ( )ette Collective. The ( )ette Collective was their response to the widespread rejection of the word Feminism. The ( )ette Collective was interested in the ph enomenon of how young women now refuse to identify themselves as feminists while at the same time expressing feminist ideologies. The general mandate of the collective is a shared belief in the power of using art for social, political, and cultural change. In 2004 the ( )ette Collective received a LPIRG (Lethbridge Public Interest Research Grant) and used it to fund The ‘F’ Word, a large scale exhibition and Gala event showcasing the artwork of over 30 artists.


Jen began her formal art education in the Fine Art program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton , Alberta and then later completed a BFA in art at the University of Lethbridge . In 2004 she moved to South Korea and worked among a collective group of artists. In 2005 she was one of two Canadian artists invited to participate in an international exhibition entitled ‘Foreign Understanding’ held in Daegu, South Korea. She spent the following three years living and traveling throughout East and Southeast Asia exploring China , Japan , Korea , Taiwan , Hong Kong , and Thailand . In the summer of 2007 she returned to Canada to continue her education. She is currently a student at the University of Alberta and is exhibiting her work at Windows Salon.

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