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About the Artist -Inspiration


Travel: Jen Rogan and her husband spent 3 years living and traveling through East and South East Asia. This experience shaped her as an artist.

  • Photographs from Jen's travels can be viewed here


Kim Grift (Canadian Artist): A close friend of Jen’s and extremely talented visual artist. Her work ranges from painting, drawing, illustration and digital art.


Loralee Edwards (Canadian Artist): A vital and charismatic artist whose work ranges from performance to printmaking.


Ed Pien (Canadian Artist): Jen is particularly inspired by his drawings.


Medrie MacPhee (Canadian Artist): Jen is captivated by the unusual forms and illogical spaces MacPhee creates within her paintings.


Alex Janvier (Canadian Artist): Jen is inspired by the magnificent scale of Janvier’s larger works and by his eloquent use of line and colour.


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